Saranac Lake Town Tour

$75 Per Passenger

Flight Length: 10 Minutes (approx)

This flight takes passengers south toward the town of Saranac lake and lower Saranac. Follow the Saranac Lakes chain to upper Saranac and head north, taking in the breathtaking views before returning to the airport over Lake Clear

Ridge Rider

$110 Per Passenger

Flight Length: 15 Minutes (approx)

Includes Free Headset Rental

Our crowd-pleasing Ridge Rider tour is an exciting flight over the rugged terrain north of Saranac Lake. Beginning with a bird’s eye view of the village and Lake Clear, the flight takes off northward and upward along the ridges leading to Whiteface Mountain. With excellent views of the Adirondack’s countless lakes and vast wilderness, passengers can snap pictures or plan their next backcountry adventure from above. Fly low over the treetops of the Mackenzie Mountain Wilderness Area where views stretch from 100 feet to 80 miles in the blink of an eye and then head back to the airport following the Whiteface Veteran’s Memorial Highway. Perched atop glacier-carved cliffs, the 1936 toll road opened by FDR is a sight to see from the air. This flight covers 30 miles.

Whiteface Tour

$159 Per Passenger

Flight Length: 25 Minutes (approx)

Includes Free Headset Rental

The ultimate lift ticket: Begin by following the Ridge Rider tour route to the north of Saranac Lake, checking out pristine lakes and wilderness tracts along the way to Whiteface Mountain. On this tour, passengers get an up close and personal view of the summit observation station housed in a stone castle, along with the rugged alpine peak above the tree line. Wave to the hikers on the summit before dropping into ski runs towards the base lodge, then follow the Veteran’s Memorial Highway and head back to the airport. 

High Peaks Tour

$210 Per Passenger

Flight Length: 30 Minutes (approx)

Includes Free Headset Rental

This tour is nothing less than spectacular and offers views of the Adirondack High Peaks, Lake Champlain, and on a clear day the Green Mountains of Vermont in the distance. In addition, this tour can be customized to highlight a specific area of the park that you wish to see more of. Covering the majority of the High Peaks Wilderness, it features approximately 60 miles of breathtaking views of the oldest landscapes on the planet. Passengers are carried over Whiteface Mountain, Keene Valley, John's Brook, Giant Mountain, and Mount Marcy - New York's highest peak. Due to the unpredictable weather patterns in the higher elevations, this tour route can vary.

Lakes & Peaks Tour

$315 Per Passenger

Flight Length: 45 Minutes (approx)

Includes Free Headset Rental

This is a longer version of the High Peaks tour that ventures from the spectacular summits and takes passengers over some of the thousands of gorgeous Adirondack lakes and ponds. See Whiteface and Keene Valley from above and then head south into the High Peaks Wilderness. Fly past the peaks of Mt. Marcy and Algonquin and get a glimpse of the spectacular rock face “slides,” popular with backcountry skiers and snowboarders. Head northeast into the Saranac Lakes Wild Forest, looping past the McKenzie Mountain Wilderness and over the St. Regis Canoe Area – some of the most remote places in the eastern United States. 

Adirondack Safari

$420 Per Passenger

Flight Length: 60 Minutes (approx)

Includes Free Headset Rental

Join us on our longest adventure as we seek to find some of the Adirondack Park’s most reclusive residents. On this tour passengers are given a chance to see moose, bear, whitetail deer, and other native wildlife first hand in their natural habitat. Depart Lake Placid Airport and head West towards Tupper Lake and the Raquette Boreal, flying low and slow over the Raquette River while keeping an eye out for antlers amongst the foliage. Check in with the black bears at some of our favorite blueberry patches, and then head northeast over the park towards Lyon Mountain in search of more wildlife. Enjoy endless views of the Raquette and St. Regis rivers as they flow north from their headwaters in the High Peaks to join the mighty St. Lawrence. After scanning the northern reaches of the park for wildlife, head back south towards the airport. Follow the Ausable River through Wilmington for views of Whiteface Mountain and the Sentinel Range before returning home.

Fly Your Own Tour

$399 Per Passenger

Flight Time: 30 Minutes (approx)

Includes Free Headset Rental

Have you ever dreamed of piloting a helicopter? This is your chance! After a 30 minute ground briefing you will launch with an experienced flight instructor who will let you take the controls! You will learn how to fly the helicopter in the amazing scenery of the Adirondacks. This is an experience you will never forget!